Aquatic Leathers

Aquatic Leathers

One of a kind leathers from our Ocean

Salmon leather -Close-Up-Brown

Vegetable tanned Alaska salmon leather

Natural Alaska Salmon Leather

Vegetable tanned aquatic leather

Green Aquatic Leather from Tidal Vision

Alaska aquatic leather salmon

At Tidal Vision, we believe sustainability should never be a compromise, so we went back to the drawing board and invented new tanning methods that produce practical and durable aquatic leathers.

Our team hosts years of aquatic tanning experience, but until now, methods of aquatic tanning required formaldehyde or chrome-based tanning chemicals.

Reducing waste and encouraging sustainable fishing by adding value to ocean byproducts was our primary vision as a company, but we couldn’t accept doing so in such as non-sustainable way.

We’re proud to say that every ingredient in our proprietary aquatic tanning formula is completely natural and even certified as food-grade by the FDA. These natural vegetable-based tanning oils replace all the fish oils in the skin which preserves, strengthens, and gives our durable leather a familiar fragrance of common cow leather made with vegetable oils.

The durability, flexibility, glossy look, and smooth feel of our aquatic leather comes from our proprietary water based finish, which we pneumatically press under 220°F  into our aquatic leather.

If you’re interested in our products made from our aquatic leather, please visit our Alaska Salmon Leather product page.

If you’re a retail outlet interested in carrying our products please visit our Wholesale Products contact page.

We’re also manufacturing sheets and rolls of aquatic leather that can be used as a sustainable, practical, unique alternatives for other leathers. Our salmon leather resists stretching better than cow leather and has similar durability but in a thinner material.

If you’re a company, designer, or DIYer who is interested in purchasing pieces, sheets, or rolls of our aquatic leathers check out our Wholesale Textiles contact page.