One of a kind Alaska Salmon Leather Wallets!



100% from sustainable byproducts

Coming May 27, 2015.

At Tidal Vision, we believe sustainability should never be a compromise, so we invented new tanning methods that produces unique, practical and durable aquatic leathers!

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Our Pledge to Only Support Certified Sustainable Fisheries


To reduce waste and encourage sustainable fishing!

By sourcing byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries, we can add value to their waste and empower them to compete against their competitors that overfish species, pollute the environment, and damage the habitat.


We Had to Innovate

Ladies-IIWe wanted to reduce waste and encourage sustainable fishing, but current aquatic tanning methods required harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde or chrome-based chemicals.

We went back to the drawing board, and every ingredient in our proprietary aquatic tanning formula certified as good-grade by the FDA. These natural vegetable-based tanning oils replace all the fish oils in the skin which preserves, strengthens, and gives our durable leather a familiar fragrance of common cow leather made with vegetable oils.


Coming May 27th!

Just like Alaska’s vast seas and pristine glaciers, Alaska salmon leather is truly a sight to see!rsz_all-four-1024x768

We’re launching with our line of Alaska salmon leather wallets on Kickstarter on May 27th.  The early backers will get 40% off.

Are you a designer or DIYer? Good! Because we will be offering pieces, sheets, and rolls of our aquatic leathers for sale as well!

100% Made in the USA.

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