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Tidal Vision Launches Salmon Leather Wallets

Kickstarts Innovative, Sustainable Uses of Aquatic Leathers, Wallets

Juneau, Alaska — New technologies offer to transform ocean byproducts into high-quality, durable aquatic leathers and performance textiles, promoting sustainability and reducing waste, Tidal Vision founder and CEO, Craig Kasberg said today. The new, Juneau-based company launched The Salmon Leather Project on Kickstarter May 27, and passed its $17,500 funding goal within 24 hours.
“Two billion pounds of seafood byproducts are thrown away each year in Alaska,” Kasberg said. “By developing new technologies to upcycle these byproducts, Tidal Vision is looking to add value to sustainable fisheries, reduce waste, and provide quality consumer products such as durable salmon leather wallets and, later, Chitoskin™ textiles.”
Tidal Vision’s business model is based on upcycling sustainable seafood industry byproducts that were previously being discarded. Their proprietary tanning formula has been perfected over 25 years and, for the first time, combines durability with environmentally-friendly ingredients in the process.
All of their products are manufactured domestically in the USA. The company will use the Kickstarter crowdfunding website as an opportunity to pre-sell their new products, as well as a means to fund the startup.
“This is all about sustainability, both from the raw material we source, and the processes we use. We don’t think our backers should have to compromise style or function in order to have high-quality sustainable products.” Says Founder and CEO Craig Kasberg

For more information contact: Craig Kasberg, 907-321-9121,