Tidal Vision Press Kit

From the Ocean, for the Ocean.

We believe sustainability should never be a compromise, so we set out to invent practical solutions that are advantageous economically, environmentally, and socially.

Through developing new ways to upcycle ocean byproducts, we aim to use our new technologies to add value to sustainable fisheries while reducing waste at the same time.

 Key Takeaways

  • Tidal Vision was founded in Alaska in 2015 to develop and bring to market new & environmentally safe processes for upcycling typically discarded ocean byproducts.
  • Tidal Vision has developed 2 patent-pending methods for processing ocean byproducts. One is our vegetable based tanning process for making aquatic leathers from fish skins that only uses FDA food-grade tanning oils. The second is a closed-loop process for extracting chitosan from crab & shrimp shells. 
  • Beyond textiles and consumer goods, Tidal Vision is supplying chitosan (derived from crab & shrimp shells) to the commercial water filtration and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Our Tidal-Tex™ products are made with our chitosan from sustainably harvested Alaska crab shells. Chitosan naturally inhibits bacteria growth and eliminates odor in textiles for apparel, and is completely biocompatible, biodegradable, and anallergenic (even for those with shell fish allergies).
  • Our Tidal Grow™ is an OMRI listed organic fertilizer. Tidal Grow™ is the co-product that closes the loop for our chitosan extraction process. It contains 11 essential plant nutrients.

 Press Inquiries