7 Apps For Eco-Conscious Consumers

As the political debates about the environment continue to heat up, with no apparent end in sight, one thing we can all agree on is that awareness is on the rise.

Eco-consciousness has reached a the point that it is installed in our everyday lives, accessorized with our daily chores and intertwined with our buying impulses.

If you are passionate about the environment, you will love what technology has made not only available, but also, convenient, for you.

The mobile application market is the new darling of the environmental awareness initiative.

Now it’s easier than ever for just about anyone to be ‘environmentally conscious,’ (and responsible) thanks to a slew of new mobile app launches designed to assist purchasing of eco-friendly commodities.

Here are some notes on some of our favorite mobile apps that help us all achieve ‘green living ‘.


Buycott lets you select which causes you personally care about, then it makes it convenient for you to support them by voting with your wallet.

Anyone can create a “campaign” in Buycott’s social platform.  You choose which campaigns align with your priorities and values and let the app do the rest.

The app’s convenience factor goes through the roof with its barcode scanning technology built in.  Simply scan any product’s barcode, and with your personal campaigns already entered, it will tell you if that product or corporation that makes it conflicts with any of your beliefs.

Eco Buzz

Though Eco Buzz is not essentially a shopping tool, extending tips and tricks of organic shopping is one of the many features of this landing app. The application caters green news and factoids that necessarily concentrate on ecology and environment.

Each of these mobiles apps contribute to the substantive habit change necessary for living a greener life.

Collective use of these apps is likely to usher in a noticeable change in the pattern of purchasing style and choice, regardless of the commodity concerned.

Seasonal Harvest

Not sure how you feel about the ecosystem being affected by GMO’s?  You are not alone.

Beckoning fruitarians, vegans, locavores and the rest, there is finally an app in the market that has simplified the farm fresh fruit hunt into just buy-and-pay.

Powered by a huge update of database, Seasonal Harvest is the address book for crispy fresh fruits and veggie sellers.

It notifies all users with the local addresses of sellers that have the best stock of handpicked and newly harvested fruits and vegetables.

Green Wars

Available in a lite version, this one brings out a perfectly eco-conscious touch to the buy cheap-sell lofty deals.

The Green Wars application prompts users to fill up their inventory with natural, green and reusable items, starting at organic shopping bags to electric hybrid cars.

This has encouraged a few users to come in and practice buying low and selling high in the go-green style. The intangible output of the game is to propagate the idea of buying organic stuff while garnering some cash profits in the pursuit.


Yet another application integrated with a barcode scanner, it serves the final check by reading how the commodity impacts the surroundings, health and the society at large.

The crux of the point is to educate the users with strategic excerpts of data to enable an informed decision.

To assure appropriate reading and pertinent suggestions, the application is corroborated by a pretty huge database that is backed up by 70,000 ratings.

The application swings all the way from the section of personal care to children entertainment and everything in between and beyond.

Choice App

For say-no-to-synthetic buyers, Dory Kurowski’s Choice App extends a good full platter of assistance that warranties a seamless shopping experience.

The application is designed to be a shopping tool that abates wrong purchases and influences purchase decisions through concrete education and information.

It runs a stealth scan on the item and produces an alternate suggestion from the organic section in seconds.

The application is purported to develop independent decision-making, thus turning conscientious buying into a habit.

Green Genie

Green Genie is one such application that molds the shopping habits of its users in eco-friendly styles that in all fairness will culminate into the change in lifestyle that supports a fuller ecosystem.

The application is designed to beep intermittently, prompting users to recycle products and byproducts to maximize resource exploitation.

This feature-rich application sends up a reminder to carry a bag with you when heading for the market or the departmental store. During the course of shopping, it prompts you to make earth-friendly purchases every time you decide to rake up utilities from the store shelves.

The application is engineered to shake out the eco-enthusiast in you and.


eco-friendly app1

Tidal Vision Eco-friendly


Craig Kasberg has worked in the sustainable seafood industry for 9 years. He hopes to bring awareness to the issues our ocean faces and the deceptive labeling non-sustainble fisheries use.

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