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We supply the following industries with our sustainably produced chitin and chitosan: Water Treatment, Agriculture, Food Preservation, and the Textile industry. We also supply some pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, research laboratories, Universities, and many other miscellaneous industries with chitin/chitosan for their unique applications.

We’re the only 100% domestic manufacturer of Chitin and Chitosan in the USA, because traditional Chitin extraction produces large chemical waste streams.

We use our patent-pending closed loop processing system to extract Chitin from crab shells. We then make Chitosan out of that Chitin. Our process is the world’s only that allows for the full utilization of crab shells. The co-product that ‘closes the loop’ of this process is natural nitrogen source fertilizer.

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What is Chitin and Chitosan?

Chitin [poly(acetylglucosamine)] is one of nature’s most abundant materials as it occurs naturally in the exoskeletons of shellfish. It is a high molecular weight biopolymer which is insoluble in water. When chitin is processed by removal of acetyl groups, the molecule becomes a molecule called chitosan [poly(glucosamine-co-acetylglucosamine)].

Chitosan is a cationic polyelectolyte which is soluble in solutions of dilute organic acids. Chitosan’s long-chained and polyelectrolyte structure of chitosan molecules provides unique behavior for a variety of applications such as in water treatment, film formation, and antimicrobial activity. Additionally, the chemical makeup of chitosan provides bioactive properties such as an immune booster in plants. For further information, please refer to our website pages under “Industries” and the cited scientific journal articles.

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Crab and Shrimp Shells for Chitin & Chitosan

Sunset-at-Docks Tidal Vision

Chitin, chitosan, from closed loop Tidal Vision extraction process.

Chitin, chitosan, from closed loop Tidal Vision extraction process.

Tidal Vision extracts chitin and chitosan from crab and shrimp shells.

Tidal Vision extracts chitin and chitosan from crab and shrimp shells.