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Craig Kasberg – Tidal Vision Founder

Tidal Vision was founded in 2015 by an Alaskan Fishing Captain, Craig Kasberg, who wanted to combat the waste in his industry. Kasberg started Tidal Vision to create visible products so consumers could show their support for sustainable fishing practices, with the hope to bring more awareness to ocean sustainability at the same time.


Through sourcing byproducts from sustainable fisheries, Tidal Vision aims to empower these fisheries to offset the additional costs from managing the ocean’s resources. Tidal Vision aspires to incentivize more fisheries to prioritize sustainable practices by offering to purchase their waste for high-value uses.


Tidal Vision is starting in Alaska where ocean sustainability is ingrained in the culture. Alaska is the only state in the nation with ocean sustainability laws written in the Constitution. Alaska’s fishery management is viewed world-wide as an icon for seafood harvesting sustainability.


However, Alaska’s commercial fisheries still produce the largest volume of waste in North America. In fact, approximately two billion pounds of seafood waste is produced annually in Alaska.


Commonly wasted fishery byproducts include skins and shells. Discarded fishery byproducts are currently dumped into the ocean or landfills to rot.  The wasted seafood byproducts pose a potential environmental hazard when fish waste is concentrated on the ocean floor.


Kasberg added, “Tidal Vision’s business model does more than solely mitigate an environmental hazard. It adds economic value which increases the resiliency of sustainable fishing operations, the brave families’ of the fishermen and fisherwomen who earn their living in these industries, and of their coastal communities.”


The economic disadvantage for sustainable fisheries comes from the cost of not using the more effective but habitat damaging fishing methods (such as certain bottom trawls), not harvesting during certain seasons, and managing the populations of both the targeted and bycatch species.


Craig Kasberg grew up in a coastal community whose culture, traditions, families and economy rely heavily on the ocean’s resources. He started working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska when he was 15 years old.  At age 19 Kasberg used a State of Alaska loan to start his own commercial fishing business. He believes his experience depending on sustainable fishing management for his living, local economy, community culture and traditions sparked his desire to add value to sustainable fisheries. Craig Kasberg clocks in over 9 years of total experience in Alaska’s sustainable seafood industry.


Craig Kasberg is also Co-Chair of the Alaska Ocean Cluster Initiative, which, among other things, is designed to encourage collaborations to reduce fishery byproduct waste in Alaska.


You can follow Craig Kasberg on social media at:

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