From Waste to Wallet, one Salmon Skin at a time! 3 years ago

When fishing boats go out on the ocean, they don’t come back with the pristine little fillets we buy at the grocery store. There are heads, tails, spines, scales, skin, and other nasty bits that must be removed. Usually that waste—some two billion pounds just in Alaska—goes right back in the water.
Now, this startup has a plan to start using those byproducts:

Not only is upcycling these byproducts into wallets make for a unique product that you can’t find in any store, you’re also supporting sustainable fishing operations by adding value to their waste!
Alaska’s salmon fishery is viewed world wide as a symbol for what is possible with sustainable fishing.  The Marine Stewardship Council certifies all five species of Alaska salmon as sustainable! How cool is that! We also only work with operations that are certified as Traceable by ASMI (Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute).
For more information, or to get a unique salmon leather wallet for yourself (father’s day is coming up too!), check out our Kickstarter where our sustainable salmon leather wallets are being offered at Kickstarter exclusive pricing:

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