Our Story

We’re reducing waste and encouraging sustainable fishing
by upcycling sustainable ocean byproducts!

Inspired by coastal communities whose traditions, cultures, economies, and ecosystems depend on ocean sustainability, Tidal Vision was founded on the belief that sustainability should never be a compromise.

In Alaska alone, two billion pounds of fish and crab byproducts are discarded to rot annually. This waste not only represents missed economic opportunity, but also poses potential environmental threats when concentrated on the ocean floor.

Tidal Vision is helping combat this waste and encouraging sustainable fishing practices by purchasing discarded byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries. We use typically-wasted ocean byproducts from sustainable fishing and crabbing industries to create eco-friendly products.


Our vision is about more than just mitigating an environmental threat, reducing waste and manufacturing quality products.

Sustainable fisheries face an economic disadvantage compared to their pillaging competitors. By purchasing their waste for high-value uses, our business model adds value and therefore increases the resiliency of sustainable fisheries.

Tidal Vision pledges to only use byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries to help ensure our ocean’s resources exist for generations to come.

Captains Craig (executive) and Zach (operations) on scene in Alaska

Giving Back


In addition to our business model encouraging sustainable fishing practices, Tidal Vision is also a member of a non-profit organization called 1% for the Planet.


Through this relationship, Tidal Vision is able to continuously make donations to conservation causes.


Tidal Vision is also a member of Trout Unlimited and frequently donates to fundraisers for fish and habitat conservation.

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